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Friday, October 5th

08:30 Doors open
10:00 Opening word
10:15 Taking CI and automated testing seriously Keynote
Alen Ladavac
11:15 Division break
11:35 Property-based testing is a mindset
Andrea Leopardi
Algorithms aren't neutral: Making UX inclusive
Ivana McConnell
12:10 Modern SQL: Evolution of a dinosaur
Markus Winand
Designing with Accessibility in Mind
Bermon Painter
13:05 The other side of webapp security Community
Luka Kladaric
Optimizing page load speed on front-end side Sponsored
Krešimir Burić
13:30 Lunch sponsored by
15:00 Static websites - The Final Frontier
Juho Vepsäläinen
Accessible Charts Done Right
Sergei Kriger
Sebastian Golasch
A Token Walks Into a SPA...
Ado Kukic
16:20 Break
16:50 Containers vs. Serverless from a DevOps standpoint
Adnan Rahic
Where are the women?
Dora Militaru
17:25 Pragmatic execution tracing
Neven Miculinic
How did we open source our knowledge and practices Sponsored
Robert Šorn
18:00 Headless architecture and the future of websites
Heidi Olsen
A sleek view transitions recipe for web apps
Jeremias Menichelli
18:25 End of day

Saturday, October 6th

08:30 Doors open
10:00 Opening word
10:15 Nitpicking terminology: are we using the right terms Keynote
Miro Svrtan
11:15 Division break
11:35 Fearless Concurrency with JavaScript and Beyond
Evadne Wu
Writing Superpowers for Geeks
Ivan Brezak Brkan
12:10 Crunching data in real-time for Fortune500 clients
Marin Bek
The Developer's Model for Talking to Managers
Pim Elshoff
13:05 Shoving Your Application Code Into the Web Server
Nikola Plejić
Pricing shouldn't be hard Community
Vladimir Bogdanić
13:30 Lunch sponsored by
15:00 Do you really need WebSockets?
Stanko Krtalić Rusendić
The Power of Persuasive Design
Alex Kuhn
15:35 Make coding fun: developing a game in the browser
Marco Cecconi
Designing for impact
Vladimir Koncar
16:20 Break
16:50 Why we love VueJS at NSoft? Sponsored
Marijo Šunjić
Delivering Fast and Beautiful Images and Video
Doug Sillars
17:25 Who Takes Out Your Trash?
Sanne Kalkman
Fluid typography Community
Sebastijan Dumančić
17:50 Closing word
18:10 Drinkup sponsored by

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