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These are pivotal dates for WebCamp Zagreb 2018 conference.

When What
2018-04-10 Call for sponsors
2018-05-14 Early bird tickets start
2018-05-21 Call for papers starts
2018-06-18 Call for papers ends
2018-07-02 Talks committee meeting
2018-07-12 Speakers announced, rejection emails sent
2018-07-15 Early bird tickets end
2018-07-16 Regular tickets start
2018-07-16 Community vote starts
2018-07-22 Community vote ends
2018-08-01 Community speakers announced
2018-09-16 Regular tickets end
2018-09-17 Late bird tickets start (no swag)
2018-09-22 Speaker training, day 1
2018-09-29 Speaker training, day 2
2018-10-04 Speakers dinner
2018-10-05 WebCamp Zagreb 2018 Conference, day 1
2018-10-06 WebCamp Zagreb 2018 Conference, day 2

Although we will do our best to honor these dates, there may be some changes. To make sure you don't miss any announcements subscribe to our newsletter.



When deciding the dates for call for papers and the committee meeting, we failed to take into account that many people in Croatia go on holiday in late June, due to a law saying that free days transferred from the past year must be used by end of June. To make life easier to our talk committee, we decided to make the CFP last for 4 week instead of 5, and bump the talks committee a few days ahead. This also means that speakers will be announced a little later.


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