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Taking CI and automated testing seriously

Continuous integration and testing pipelines in games - case studies of The Talos Principle and Serious Sam

In this light-hearted session we will explore a topic very close to all of you in web development - CI and test automation, but on a completely different end of project spectrum - in the domain of 3D games.

You will learn how things get different when the project's head revision is in hundreds of gigabytes, when unpredictable systems' interactions are more of a testing concern than individual functional units and when you don't have a UI to speak of. You'll meet Croteam's friendly testing bot and get to see how we make even the bugs be 3D.

We won't be diving into the code behind it, but will sprinkle the session with some fancy screenshots and short movies to make it look nice and shiny.


Friday, 2018-10-05 @ 10:15
> Skill level: intermediate
> Duration: 45 min

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Photo of Alen Ladavac

Alen Ladavac

Alen Ladavac is leading the technology team as well as working on all aspects of Croteam games since 1993.

Now mainly leading the efforts on Serious Sam 4 development, his previous work includes the world-famous Serious Sam franchise and critically acclaimed The Talos Principle, as well as a series of, console, VR and mobile versions of those games.

His broad range of interests and experience spans all technical areas of the game development, from rendering, sound and physics, to networking, build systems and content pipelines.

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