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Why we love VueJS at NSoft?

Quick talk about VueJS, it's flexibility against other frameworks, and what benefits NSoft got from it.

Over the last two years, VueJS has grown from “just another framework” to one of the most powerful frontend frameworks on the web. In this talk, Marijo will try to get new frontend developers and basically all developers as close to VueJS as possible in 20 minutes.

He'll be talking about its speed, flexibility, how it’s helping Junior Frontend Developers against other frameworks, and how these benefit NSoft in bringing great applications to the web.


Saturday, 2018-10-06 @ 16:50
> Skill level: elementary
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Marijo Šunjić

Marijo Šunjić

19 y/o Full Stack Developer @ NSoft. Went to Electrotechnical school Ruđer Bošković and Music school, currently studying at Faculty of Information Technologies in Mostar. When not programming, he usually plays games or guitar. Also, he likes meeting new people.

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