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The Power of Persuasive Design

This talk explores persuasive designs we encounter in software and how we can use these techniques ethically in our projects.

We live in a world where more and more of our decisions are influenced by the algorithms and design choices of the websites and software we interact with. It is essential for us to recognize these persuasive and sometimes manipulative technologies and understand their impact. This talk will explore some of the persuasive designs we encounter every day through a behavioral and cognitive science lens, and discuss how we as developers and designers can use persuasive techniques ethically in our own projects.

Saturday, 2018-10-06 @ 15:00
> Skill level: elementary
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Alex Kuhn

Alex Kuhn

He completed his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Michigan and worked for over a decade as a researcher, software developer, content creator, and teacher. Most recently Alex worked at Apple developing Swift Playgrounds and creating educational curriculum that teaches people to code.

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