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Pricing shouldn't be hard

How to price your services as a freelancer? Do we pick numbers randomly or is there a way that will benefit everyone involved?

If you are a freelancer looking for your first client then putting a price on it can be complicated. Do you price by an hourly rate or do you pick a flat rate for the whole thing? How in-depth should an offer be without confusing the client with too much information. Should you include your portfolio or not? We'll go over all of those questions and more to find a solution that works best. We'll cover the tools I use, the language and structure of the offer and the final cost breakdown for all the tasks involved on a simple website project.


Saturday, 2018-10-06 @ 13:05
> Skill level: elementary
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Vladimir Bogdanić

Vladimir Bogdanić

I am an owner of a small web design company called Kontrast ( I've been making websites on and off for about 10+ years as a freelancer. Most of the time I work alone and have done everything from Design, Frontend and Backend development to print design. I have also tried my hand at DJing, game development and project management. Some notable websites I've made are the Croatian satire news site News Bar, the famous Aquarius club in Zrće and a webshop and site for Keune Haircosmetics. I also run a video game development company called ZEROLife that currently employs 5 people. We currently have two active projects called Light&Dark and The Hatching.

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