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Shoving Your Application Code Into the Web Server

Using OpenResty and nginx to write high-performance web applications

Sure, you can use nginx as a glorified reverse proxy, but did you know you can embed LuaJIT & a bunch of powerful, non-blocking libraries into the thing?

Enter OpenResty, a distribution of nginx resulting in a serious platform for anything web, from advanced load balancing, proxying or logging to writing full-blown dynamic web apps... all while using a very pleasant programming language with decent semantics and an incredibly fast implementation.

In the talk, we'll introduce OpenResty and its common modules for doing useful things like parsing JSON strings or communicating with various data stores. We'll also go through several use cases for the platform, and see how it all compares to more traditional solutions.

Saturday, 2018-10-06 @ 13:05
> Skill level: intermediate
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Nikola Plejić

Nikola Plejić

Nikola is a hacker, a software engineer, and a big fan of free software & weird music. Professionally, he is primarily interested in web apps dealing with a fair amount of data, and finding ways not to murder the world with technology (or, preferably, at all).

He's a member of Hacklab in Mama / Razmjena vještina, Zagreb je NAŠ!, and various other communities and organizations. He works as an engineer at TVbeat, a TV analytics company, mostly wrangling Lua, Rust, and C++ code.

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