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Make coding fun: developing a game in the browser

Learn how to develop your own arcade game in the browser and unleash your programming creativity!

For many, software engineering is limited to the enterprise domain, where particular patterns, practices and behaviors limit the spectrum of challenges programmers face. Generally speaking, game programming paradigms are wildly different from enterprise development. Computers are now so powerful that it is totally possible to write games in vanilla JavaScript. I wrote a small but fun game, Blasteroids, over a few weekends. This talk is a step-by-step description of how that came to be and hopefully an incentive for many to create their own game.

Saturday, 2018-10-06 @ 15:35
> Skill level: intermediate
> Duration: 45 min

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Photo of Marco Cecconi

Marco Cecconi

I am a software developer specialized in large scale, high performance applications. I worked for multiple large brands from Coca-Cola to Stack Overflow. I am also a regular speaker at many conferences in Europe and Asia. I have been an Andela mentor for the past few years.

Currently I am an engineering manager at Toptal, intent on breaking the chains of office workers worldwide and building great software.

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