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Containers vs. Serverless from a DevOps standpoint

The pros and cons of managing your own containers versus letting serverless do it for you - Explained with a simple Node.js app.

The goal of this talk is to show the differences between using containers and servereless as a way of serving applications. It will cover several key pain points and advantages of both technologies giving the listener valuable insight into when to use what, and for which purpose.

Two simple real-life examples will show how to deploy an app to a Kubernetes cluster and how to deploy the same app to a serverless environment which includes AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway.

Friday, 2018-10-05 @ 16:50
> Skill level: advanced
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Adnan Rahic

Adnan Rahic

Adnan Rahić is a JavaScript developer, teacher, and mentor. He co-founded the online education startup back in 2016.

As of late, he has been focusing on Serverless Architecture and DevOps, and works as a Developer Advocate at, a serverless monitoring startup.

He teaches courses and workshops on topics such as JavaScript and DevOps, but is also an active speaker, host, and organizer at Meetups. An online course he authored called "Serverless JavaScript by Example" was published by PacktPub.

The limited free time he has is often focused on giving back to the community in the form of leading the local freeCodeCamp group in Sarajevo. Apart from talking at events and teaching in person, Adnan also writes programming tutorials and articles for some of the largest tech publications on Medium, including freeCodeCamp and Hackernoon.

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