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Screen Reader for Developers

Learn how to test websites for accessibility with a screen reader

Screen reader is the most popular tool used by people with visual impairments to browse the web. As a rule screen readers have a quite high learning curve due to their complexity and different (non-visual) approach of getting information.

As developers (designers, content managers etc.) we need to be able to use screen reader for testing our websites.

Topics we will cover

  • Screen reader usage statistics We will take a look at some charts from Screen Reader User Survey in order to have a better understanding how screen readers are used by the people with visual impairments.

  • Screen readers overview After installation we will go through the most popular screen readers - JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver - and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Basic navigation and reading We will learn the most popular ways of navigating web pages with a screen reader (headings navigation, links navigation and landmarks navigation) and different ways of reading the text.

  • Advanced navigation We will learn screen reader navigation tools (Rotor in VoiceOver, Elements List in NVDA and JAWS) as well as some advanced navigation techniques such as table navigation, form navigation, navigation through lists, images etc.

Each topic will contain the practice part where you will apply all information.


  • no prior experience with screen readers required
  • you need to bring your own laptop (_Mac_ or _Windows_)
  • better to install JAWS or NVDA in advance (optional, for _Windows_ users only)
  • it's nice to have headphones, cause screen readers are quite loud
  • a great desire to learn new stuff

Thursday, 2018-10-04 @ 14:00
Plaza Event Centar
> Duration: 4h
> Skill level: Elementary
> Ticket price: 250kn (~€33)

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Photo of Sergei Kriger

Sergei Kriger

Sergei fell in love with web development at the high school level (yes, Windows 95 was still the hot shit and everybody was doing table layout). He got a degree in Information Technologies from the University in Helsinki and spent professional career working for web design studios in Helsinki and Munich. Sergei's focus areas are JavaScript development, UX and accessibility.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the workshop in case of unforseen circumstances such as speaker illness. In this case the tickets will be fully refunded.

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