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GraphQL to the (frontend) rescue

While workshop will be mostly based on frontend, we will explore what is GraphQL and how to make your own simple GraphQL server. We will leverage that knowledge to build a highly reusable and scalable React app, using flow as a static type checker to make our app even more robust.

We all worked with standard REST APIs and it get's complicated quite fast on the frontend, I will try to show you how GraphQL can save you time and make your life easier.

GraphQL is a data query language developed by Facebook under MIT license. It is not tied with any specific database or specific programming language or storage. It provides a way to define the complete description of data in the schema and allows a client to ask for what they need and it simply returns the response in JSON.

This will be a hands-on workshop where we will show how a GraphQL server looks like and build a React app leveraging GraphQL superpowers.


Participants will need to bring a laptop with git and Node installed, have prior knowledge of working with APIs and some kind of component-based UI library (for this workshop we will use React but the knowledge can be transferred to any other library/framework)

Wednesday, 2018-10-03 @ 14:00
Plaza Event Centar
> Duration: 4h
> Skill level: Intermediate
> Ticket price: 350kn (~€46)

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Dino Trojak

Hi, my name is Dino I’m 27 and founder of Reactor Studio. My language of choice is JavaScript. I've been working as a JavaScript engineer for the past 6+ years. Besides the full-time job, I love being involved into community-driven events that's one of the reasons why I'm JavaScript Zagreb community leader and NodeSchool Zagreb workshop organizer.

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